National Poll: 93% Consider Drunk Driving a Serious Problem, with Strong Majority Supporting Ignition Interlock Laws as Solution

 Wide Support Across Party Lines and Demographics Underpins Need for Key Impaired Driver Prevention Technology 

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Amid a recent 14% increase in annual drunk driving deaths, a new survey found that 93% of American voters consider drunk driving a serious problem, and 69% support laws requiring drunk drivers to install ignition interlock devices (IIDs). 

The poll, conducted by traffic safety coalition Sober Driving Solutions in partnership with Change Research, demonstrates broad public support for an effective accountability measure that keeps offenders from risking more lives by driving a motor vehicle. IIDs function by testing a driver’s breath alcohol concentration before their vehicle starts. If the device detects an alcohol level greater than the legal limit, the engine will not start. 

Many states continue to not require all DUI offenders to install an IID, leaving room for state and federal policymakers to expand a proven, effective, and available technology to combat impaired driving. 

“Voters recognize a clear reality: drunk driving is at a crisis level, and ignition interlock devices are a proven solution to preventing drunk drivers from getting behind the wheel,” said Sabra Rosener, VP of legislative affairs for Intoxalock, a leading IID manufacturer and coalition leader. “Sixty-nine percent of Americans support this effective solution, with even more saying it makes them feel safer. At a time of high public concern about drunk driving, it is essential that policymakers focus on what can be done now to reduce drunk driving.” 

Support for IID requirements for drunk driving offenders is demographically widespread, with overwhelming support coming from men and women, Republicans and Democrats, and all ethnicities and age groups. More key highlights of the problem are: 

  • 93% of voters considered people driving while impaired by alcohol to be a serious problem. 
  • 69% of voters support passing laws across the United States to require IIDs for all drunk driving offenders. 
  • 73% of voters responded that they would feel safer if drunk drivers were required to install an IID. 

“These findings provide a solid foundation of public support for lawmakers nationwide to protect public safety by expanding the use of ignition interlock devices,” said Rosener. 

The survey polled 1,825 registered voters nationwide with a margin of error of 2.8%.


About Sober Driving Solutions: 

Sober Driving Solutions is a coalition of concerned citizens and those who dream of a future free of impaired driving. It is led by Intoxalock, the nation’s leading ignition interlock manufacturer, along with others who believe active technology can be used to end impaired driving. For more information, check out our website at